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Let’s learn  some  great Blogger tips below that you may have been using Blogger for a long time without knowing or applying it.

Some of the settings in Blogger are effective if you apply them in the right place. For example, you can add new or remove one or more labels at once for all selected posts. What about adding the source to the footer of each post in the feed? is also cool or automatically sending the published post to the list of 10 emails is also great that you should know.

Some great Blogger tips you may not have known

Some of the settings in Blogger are effective if you apply them in the right place

1. Add new or remove tags for all posts

Go to Posts , from the All Labels menu , in the list of posts with labels to add or delete. Below the line Show filtered posts by label “A”, check all then click on the bar with the label icon

Create new label

In the list choose Create new label … to add one or more new labels to all posts. Note when adding new labels add commas to separate the labels.

Add an existing tag

In the selection list, click to select an existing tag to add to all posts

Delete selected label

In the selection list, click to select the selected label to delete the label

Example: All posts have labels: “A”, “B”, “C”. When selecting posts with label A, to add new “C” to the posts labeled “A” => select label “C”, click again on the “C” tag to remove the newly added “C” on label “A”. To add new label D to label “A” click on Create new label … and then label D, click to select label “D” again to remove the new label “D” to label “A”.

2. Add email to receive comment notification or auto post email

Go to Settings > Email

 Add email to receive comment notification

At Email notification of comment, choose to add new by entering email address or  Choose from contact list . A confirmation e-mail will be sent to emails added to the list within 14 days.

 Send posts automatically to email

At Send posts via email to choose new by writing email address or  Choose from contact list , newly added emails are separated by commas and maximum 10 emails 

3. Create custom redirects

Redirecting from site A to site B in Blog. Go to Settings> Search options> Custom redirects, choose New redirects to add a new redirect, enter the address of the page to be redirected starting with “/” eg “/ search”, enter the address landing page starts with “/” for example “/ search / label / shop? max-results = 12”. Check the box Permanent and choose Save changes .

4. Turn on title links and attachment links

This adds title and link attachment options in the post editor. Title link allows you to set custom URL for your post title. Attached links are used to make podcasts, MP3s, and other content in your posts playable in feeds like RSS and Atom.

5. Add end post information about feed

This option will show up after each post in your post feed. If using ads or additional content from a third-party feed, you can enter that code here. You must also set the option Allow blog feed to Full (above).

For example, I will add a new line like this: Source: <a href=”” title=”, SEO,Blogger,Tutorials”> < / a>

So whoever gets the article from the blog feed when uploading to another blog, under each post there is a text link

Kindly Change the highlighted link with your own adsense code respectively.

Save your template after everything ……………….

I hope you find this useful, but if in any case you find it difficult to apply it to your site, then leave a comment below for help and a quick reply, or use our Contact page for a personal assistant.

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