Easy way to view the Source Code of any Website with any Type of Device…

Easy way to view the Source Code of any Website with any Type of Device...,How To View Source Code Of Any Website,blogger,mashbyte,

Have you ever wondered if it will be possible to view the Source code of a website on your Android or with your iPhone? Today i will tell you  today that Yes…!! its possible if only you follow this simple steps an about to give you….

To start, 

1.Open any website you want to get the source code for……on either your Android or any device at hand…..

2. Tap on the url in the address bar on top of your browser….

3. Now bring the cursor to the beginning of the url of the website……. and type this before the main site url… …


4. After adding that, just press enter on your keypad… and let it load…. 

Now if you follow this steps…. then am sure you have gotten what we want to archive…..

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Written by Kwabena

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