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Have you thought of having an email with your own Domain? or you wish to have it but just that you can’t afford to be paying a company for providing you with a mail service? If the thoughts behind are your thoughts, then worry no more……… As far as you made it to this site, then your issue is solved…. 

So for us not to waste much time, i will go just straight to the point.. Note: Kindly take time and read everything in this post and am sure you will arrive at your Solution.

Get Started

1. To start with this Tutorial, first visit Forward Email which lands you Directly on the login or signup page. over here you have Three options on how to login…  which are by using your google/gmail account or using your github account. You can see in the Picture below.. This site is safe to use for your email hosting because it has on its Homepage a not which says :

                        👋 We do not keep logs nor store emails. We don’t track you. 🎉

blogger,Get a free Professional Email for your Domain by,,howto,email

Add Your Domain

2. As seen above, just Log in with your gmail [Recommended by Mashbyte], After Signing in, your Dashboard opens automatically, with some default emails or Domains down there,just go straight ahead and Click on Add New Domain Button in the right corner near the Add New Alias  to start with your Domain integration

blogger,Get a free Professional Email for your Domain by,,howto,email
Enter your Domain here

Verify Your Domain

3. After entering your Domain in the image above, It loads and after loading, a Popup appears to let you verify your Domain first, before everything can go through… So to do this click on this link to view the steps or follow the steps below

Verify your Domain ownership by Accessing your Domain Back office

4. Now guys, here all we have to do is to open our  domain Backoffice and create Two {2} simple records for the domain to be verified…. So to do this follow this steps to access your Domain 

Registrar Steps to Configure DNS
1&1 Sign in  Domain Center  (Select your domain)  Edit DNS Settings
Amazon Route 53 Sign in  Hosted Zones  (Select your domain) Sign in  My Servers  Domain Management  DNS Manager
Cloudflare Sign in  DNS
DNS Made Easy Sign in  DNS  (Select your domain)
DNSimple Sign in  (Select your domain)  DNS  Manage
Digital Ocean Sign in  Networking  Domains  (Select your domain)  More  Manage Domain
Sign in  (Select your domain)  Manage  (click gear icon)  Click on DNS & Nameservers in left-hand menu
DreamHost Sign in  Panel  Domains  Manage Domains  DNS
Dyn Sign in  Overview  Manage  Simple Editor  Records
Gandi Sign in  (Select your domain)  Management  Edit the zone
Sign in  Manage My Domains  (Select your domain)  Manage DNS
Google Domains
Sign in  (Select your domain)  Configure DNS
Sign in  Domain List  (Select your domain)  Manage  Advanced DNS
Netlify Sign in  (Select your domain)  Setup Netlify DNS
Network Solutions Sign in  Account Manager  My Domain Names  (Select your domain)  Manage  Change Where Domain Points  Advanced DNS
Sign in  Managed Domains  (Select your domain)  DNS Settings
Vercel’s Now Using now CLI  now dns add [domain] '@' MX [record-value] [priority]
eNom Sign in  Domains  My Domains

Using your registrar’s DNS management page set the following “MX” records:

Name/Host/Alias TTL Record Type Priority Value/Answer/Destination
3600 MX 10
3600 MX 20

As we can see here on my Dashboard

blogger,Get a free Professional Email for your Domain by,,howto,email

Now to finally link the domain, we have to set the TXT records , so to do this, watch out the steps below…………………..

Name/Host/Alias TTL Record Type Value/Answer/Destination
@ or leave blank 3600 TXT [email protected]

if you have successfully done this things, then we are almost done….. 

5. Now the next thing to do is to Click on the VERIFY RECORDS in step 3 above…… There if you have done that correctly …then you should have this…
blogger,Get a free Professional Email for your Domain by,,howto,email

6. Now that our Domain is verified, we have to make it secure by changing the TXT records we created earlier to Enhanced Protection Verification Record.. So all you have to do is to Copy the code that comes in the form like this forward-email-site-verification=7LZruPsLuL  to replace the one we have earlier.
7. Now on the same site, go to DashBoard and change the  Current Plan to Enhanced Protection 
8. For us to received our incoming emails , so we can be able to read, we need to set an alias and a Receiver {we use our gmail for this }  to do this  
Click on your linked Domain 
On the top right corner, Click on Add New Alias ,then from the form, enter your Alias and the Email to receive your incoming messages e.g admin is my alias so, my final email address will be like…. [email protected] and my receiver will be like [email protected], so anytime you get a message on your new Professional email, it will come Directly in your gmail account.
blogger,Get a free Professional Email for your Domain by,,howto,email
After here, then Finally click on CONTINUE and you are done…
Now we have successfully gotten our email using our own Domain… 
Good News!! We can use as many alias as we want , but with a caution, also to know about this mail service i urge you to visit the main site for your satisfaction. by clicking on Faq
You are free to share with friends and family, But remember to link back to this site if you find this useful for distribution on other sites. You can read about about DMCA here 
Leave a comment if you had any difficulties in doing this, Remember A problem shared is a Problem Solved

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