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How to Add Colour Gradient Effects on your site like MashByte

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This is a new tutorial on How to Add Coloured Gradient Effects on your site like MashByte has, If you will notice, most of our Titles and Headings even including this post always appears or have a gradient colour effects on it when viewed on any device, 

I am posting this tutorial because its being asked by many people who visited my blog, so to fulfill their desires, am going to show you how to do this in a very simple way which requires no coding knowledge at all….

Now we just have to follow the instructions below to arrive at our solutions…………..


  1. Go To 
  2.  Select Your Blog.
  3.  Select Theme >>  Always Remember to Backup first!!!
  4. Then click on the arrow near ‘Customize’ and click on Edit HTML

Now search for “]]></b:skin>” then Copy and Paste the CSS code below just above it.

                /*coloured Title post by */
background: linear-gradient(90deg, rgba(131,58,180,1) 2%, rgba(253,29,29,1) 52%, rgba(154,124,82,1) 99%);
animation:10s MashByte linear infinite}
@keyframes MashByte{
100%{background-position:100vw 0}

Note: to change the gradient colour, visit CSS Gradient Generator to get a colour for yourself

            #Now change the highlighted codes with your own

Once everything is done, Save the template..

I hope you find this useful, but if in any case you find it difficult to apply it to your site, then leave a comment below for help and a quick reply, or use our Contact page for a personal assistant.

Note: You have the right to share this with anyone of your choice or on your blog….but Don’t forget to link back to…. Read our ToC  or our DMCA here to understand how our Terms very well.

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Written by Kwabena

Kwabena is a tech freak, passionate about every new gadget and technology that comes his way. Always searching, always curios, he managed to gather an astounding experience that is very useful in his Info-Tech career.....


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