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Social Locker Plugin for Blogger

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Good day guys, in out tutorials for today, we will be learning how to insert a Social Locker in our blogger blogs or sites………What a social locker does most is to prevent people from accessing your file unless they share or like your facebook or follow you on twitter before after that they can get access to the file or content. Also ,this is mostly used when sharing Premium Contents or Links.

Let’s just move to the steps involved in doing this ………………..

Lets go to this website: it has been made available for us to use, you just need to configure the button then get the code to insert into the Blog. Suppose I want to use the Facebook share button to unlock I will insert the Blog as follows:


  1. Go To 
  2.  Select Your Blog.
  3.  Select Theme >>  Always Remember to Backup first!!!
  4. Then click on the arrow near ‘Customize’ and click on Edit HTML
Watch this video for further understanding

-Step 1:- 

Paste this codes in your </head>
<link href = '' rel = ' stylesheet ' />
<script src = ' /ajax/libs/jquery/3.3.1/jquery.min.js' > </script>

Search for </body> and paste this Code

        <script src = '' />
var postUrl = "<data: blog.url.canonical />" ;
// <! [CDATA [
jQuery ( document ). ready ( function ( $ ) {
$ ( '.onp-sl-content' ). sociallocker ({
text : {
header : 'This Premium content is locked!' ,
message : 'To view the contents, you You can press the Facebook share button to unlock it! '
: 'flat' ,
facebook : {
share : {
url : postUrl
appId : 'Your facebook app id'
buttons : {
order : [ "facebook-share" ],
counters : true ,
lazy : true
//]]> </script>

Note: The Facebook share button uses the app ID, you access the link to create Facebook apps if you don’t have one.

If you got to this level then you have successfully installed the Plugin, lets move to the next level to see how we can apply this premium locker on our sites………….

How to Apply or Call for this Plugin

To have access to  this code, all we have to do is, when editing our posts we just have to use or place the content we want to lock in this code below….
<div class = "onp-sl-content" >
Put your Download link or content here to be locked

For example:-

<div class = "ONP-sl-content" >
<a href = target = "_blank" ""> Download Now </a> </ div >

You can use as many download links as you like in a post because as a rule, below a download link a lock dialog will be displayed.

Kindly Change the highlighted link with your own adsense code respectively.

Save your template after everything ………………..Please the Demo is

I hope you find this useful, but if in any case you find it difficult to apply it to your site, then leave a comment below for help and a quick reply, or use our Contact page for a personal assistant.

Note: You have the right to share this with anyone of your choice or on your blog….but Don’t forget to link back to… Read our ToC  or our DMCA here to understand how our Terms very well.

Remember to Subscribe and  share……. 

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